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Zdu generation 2 (Win32)
Zdu is the ultimate disk and directory diagnostic/management command-line utility. The one and only you'll ever need!
A great tool for administrators and/or the home user.

Zdu is first and foremost designed to be used from the command-line, all features here below are available in the console version only. There is a GUI, but it is kind of simplistic; it is mostly available for accessibility reasons, and tend to lag behind in updates.

  • The GUI version can integrate in Windows' Explorer context menus for easy access.
  • Works in Windows9x/ME and NT(intel)/2000 and XP (the GUI requires MFC v6.0+).
  • Include and exclude regular expression patterns for both files and directories.
  • Database output mode (CSV really), to make it easier to process in a database (for statistics and such).
  • Display general disk information.
  • Support for FAT(8-16), FAT32 and NTFS 4 & 5.
  • UNC paths supported (network shares need not be mounted).
  • Compressed files are supported (the actual size on disk is used) (NTFS only)
  • Sparse files support (NTFS 5 only).
  • Reparse points support (currently skipped) (NTFS 5 only).
  • Filter by owner. Can be set for only files or both file & directories (NTFS only).
  • Disply usage by Directory, by Extension and by Owner (NTFS only).
  • Collect usage from non-standard streams (a.k.a. ADS) (NTFS only).
  • An include and exclude file pattern can be specified to scan only certain files (and/or directories).
  • Possibility to set qualifiers of various reported data.
  • Depending on qualifiers mark the directories/extension/users in the output, or only display those that qualified.
  • Control the Zdu process' return code depending on qualifier result.
  • Display storage efficiency (the inversion of wasted space, more is better).
  • Display clusters or bytes, with optional kilo-base.
  • "fake" cluster size, enabling to visualize how much space the folder would allocate if the disk had a different cluster size. (on e.g. a CD-ROM).
  • All output information is configurable, and all output lists can be sorted by any column.
  • The console version is suitable for running in scheduled jobs, e.g. in scripts.
  • And much, much more!
License: Freeware (Zdu is absolutely free for everyone; in any environment, on any occasion, for any reason, but don't blame me for anything).
Regular expression engine used is PCRE, written by Philip Hazel, and copyright of the University of Cambridge, England.

Future ideas: - nothing solid, just ideas thrown in the air.
  • Matching of attributes to control inclusion/exclusion of files/directories.
  • Support for DFS (distributed file system).
  • Statistics history (without the need for a database), with optional plotting of charts, maybe even predictions. (GUI)
  • Printing of statistics and other things (GUI)
If you have any kind of thoughts regarding these features, or have some suggestion of your own, please give me input. remove the 'spam'

Latest version: 2.4.15   (ChangeLog.txt)
Release date: February 8, 2003
Download: (95 kB) - this is just the console version.
Download w/ GUI: (105 kB) - this is the latest version with both GUI and the console versions.
Please let me know if the GUI gives you any trouble - remove the 'spam'
Screen shots: scanning window and configuration window (6 kB).

Download any other version     but why? remove the 'spam'

PLEASE read the textfile(s) inside the archive before using it.

Zap generation 3 (Win32)
This will probably never arrive anytime soon to any harddisk near you...
But if ya really can't live without it do gimme a howler, and I'll see what I can do :-) (remove the 'spam')
Latest DOS version: 2.66 (zap.txt)
Download: ajzap266.rar (35kB)
Release date: Dec, 1996
PLEASE read the textfile(s) inside the archive before using it.

mkautosmb (Linux, UNIX)
NOTE: mkautosmb is DEAD.
I can recommend using something like smbnetfs instead.
Makes the local SMB network browsable from Linux! (i.e. Windows9x/ME/NT/2000/XP networks)
  • Autodetects hosts and shares on local (windows) network.
  • Support for CIFS.
  • Auto-discovery mode. No PDC required (but can be used also).
  • Handles hosts with multiple IPs; the one on the current sub net will be used.
  • Sets up autofs configuration for automatically mounting shares.
  • Creates virtual hierarchy, e.g. /net using symbolic links, so shares are visible when browsing.
  • Possible to specify several diffrent mounting options, including set login, file/dir mask uid and gid.
  • Excluding, by pattern, of whole hosts or specific shares.
  • Multi-threaded for really speedy updates.
License: GPL
Latest version: 1.1.17   (ChangeLog)
Download: mkautosmb-1.1.17.tar.gz (26 kB)
Release date: 2005 Jul 29
PLEASE read the textfile(s) inside the archive before using it.
Check out the project entry on freshmeat. Older versions can be reached from there as well.

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