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(although very local in both regards)
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2006 Feb 12 Apparently, it's very fun to post a lot of useless spam in the guest book. Seems like I've totally missed out on this vast ocean of enjoyment...
I'm not a supporter of spam so I simply removed the guestbook. There weren't a ton of posts so I hope no one will miss it.
2006 Feb 6 Heh... when you don't have anything useful to do, do a "rm -rf $HOME". Yup, that's right... *poof* :)
Luckily, the file system on this server is ext2, which is kind of easy to do undelete from. So, after a bit of tinkering the page is practically back to were it was before the wipe.
I've put up an all-time classic story in the genre disaster recovery, enjoy!
And remember: Real men don't use backups, real men cry.
2006 Jan 26 A new year is here, let's see what happens this time around :-)
Removed the visitor location detection, it could sometimes produce a popup window. We can't have that, now can we?
2005 Dec 23 After working in Cairo during just about the whole autumn, I'm now back in Sweden again.
Some "sad" news: mkautosmb is dead and buried. Not because I don't want to update it any more, but because something a lot better now exist: smbnetfs.
2005 Oct 16 After a week in Istanbul (Turkey), I'm back in Cairo again. This time the weather isn't lethal. A nice and cool 30 degrees ;->
2005 Sep 23 Dabbled with some stylesheets again. Most noticable in the top and bottom menus.
Did some re-arrangement on the front page (this page) so this news column will appear higher on the page.
Cut some old crap from this news column. Also added an unimaginably ugly fav icon!
2005 Sep 5 Now in Nice/Sofia-Antipolis/Antibes, France, depending on your preference. Not quite as hot as Cairo; the temperature is at a more comfortable level.
2005 Aug 4 Let me tell you something; Cairo is hot! (I'm currently here for work).
2005 Jul 29 New version of mkautosmb released: 1.1.17. More fixes and enhancements to file system stuff.
2005 Jul 19 A bit late but nevertheless good news. A great victory has been won: Europe says no to software patents.
2005 Jul 11 Added keyboard shortcuts to top and bottom menu (kinda cool, but the browser must support it of course).
And for the first time in over 5 years on this page: New background! It's set as fixed position for now. Slow as hell. I'll see if it stays, or becomes something else... It's probably a killer for low-color displays, but I don't really care that much about those.
2005 Apr 23 Rest assured, Zdu is not dead! Development is just very, very, very slow. If you'd like it to go faster give me a kick.
Re-worked the html code a bit. Now uses separate CSS file instead of inline style properties.
2005 Mar 24 New version of mkautosmb released: 1.1.16. Fixed usage of CIFS.
2005 Feb 26 New version of mkautosmb released: 1.1.15. Support added for CIFS.
2005 Jan 19 New version of mkautosmb released: 1.1.14. Works around a silly problem with autofs 4.1.x.
Note: I'm sure the date column here below has a blue background. If it doesn't, your browser is broken.

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